Immigration issues in the U.S and Australia

Immigration has been part of American history that began when the first newcomers set their foot more than 400 years ago. Despite the immigration being one of the most powerful forces that have helped shape Americas, it has also immensely contributed to many of the political, social and economic issues that affect America today.

Immigration issues in America did not happen overnight. They have been there throughout the American history and can be categorized into four distinct peak periods. The first peak happened during the peopling of the original colonies in the 18th century. It was followed by the peak during westward expansion in the mid 19th century. The third peak happened during the rise of cities at the turn of 20th century. The last peak, which has profound political and economic issues began in the 1970s and continued to date.

The four periods have always had their effects on the U.S economic and political processes. The first three peaks were characterized more by economic issues than political. For instance, the second that was in the 19th century young United States transit from a colonial to an agricultural economy. The third peak, on the other hand, led to the industrial revolution that saw U.S climb to the superpower state. The current immigration peak has influenced political scenes in the U.S and has been the most difficult to deal with.

Because of the increased number of immigrants, the United States has been so slow in adjusting and implementing most of her immigration policies. This is has been so since the politics surrounding immigration can be highly divisive. This has seen the immigration issues shift from social and economic, to political issues that are more sensitive to the population.

As of now, United States is on the verge of addressing this perennial problem that has hit the country for centuries. Various legislations have been sent to the Congress, and various parties are engulfed in serious deliberations to chat the way forward. The new legislation is meant to seal hermetically our borders and interiors. It is estimated that there are more than 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. Resolution of immigration issues is meant to help fight insecurity and terrorism that has been a threat to most countries in the world.

In Australia, the immigration policy has been reviewed three times in the last decade alone. The country has admitted more migrants than any other developed country. What is of an issue in Austria are the illegal immigrants. It is estimated that more than 3000 boat people entered illegally in Austria this past spring, and more than 30,000 others await their asylum requests. Immigration issues are not unique to Americas. The only thing that makes a difference is geographic. Most of the immigrants in Australia arrive by boat. The political and economic impact of this immigration is less the same.